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RYAILITI Energy markets

Game-changing biomimetic complexity and causality technology from RYAILITI enhances continuous innovation in Energy markets such as Natural Gas, Blue & Green Hydrogen, Clean Tech and Power Grid production and distribution. RYAILITI’s Knowledge Engineering AI platform leverages biological methods and principles drawn from emerging research to address real-world complexities and navigate change. Using historical data and simulations of processes allows Energy companies to be better prepared for the
challenges faced in today’s energy transitions. RYAILITI enables Energy companies to better assess risks and navigate change through dynamic scenario analysis. The platform can leverage standard and accredited risk identification frameworks such as the U.S. DOD’s VUCA framework.

RYAILITI helps Energy companies navigate rapidly changing and dynamic environments enabling better, unbiased decisions to be made faster. RYAILITI helps these companies curtail revenue leakage and cost escalation by addressing their upstream and downstream challenges.

Natural Gas

RYAILITI delivers advanced analytics that helps Midstream leadership  determine their most efficient system operation, configuration, and product flows. This includes tailgate products and how the mix of products should be combined to maximize profit for both the plant operations and their clients.


RYAILITI addresses the overall challenge to Blue and Green Hydrogen production which is controlling cost. RYAILITI helps with transitioning to a low-carbon or ‘clean’ hydrogen-based energy future by presenting clear opportunities to ensure a steady supply of power that might not always be directly available from renewable sources.

RYAILITI solutions for these industries provide a streamlined method for making decisions ranging from plant operations to efficiencies, capacity management, and profitability. In today’s world, coping with risks and uncertainties requires adaptation to a wide array of change drivers, such as emerging science and regulation, as well as geopolitics and, a variety of global trends. Achieving an improved problem analysis of the increasingly complex and dynamic challenge of change and the ensuing solution strategies; RYAILITI clearly delivers an intrinsic high value outcome for Energy companies.

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