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RYAILITI delivers game-changing Biomimetic Complexity & Causality technology to enable and enhance continuous innovation in BioPharma. RYAILITI’s Biomimetic Knowledge Engineering AI platform leverages biological methods and principles drawn from emerging research to address real-world complexity and causality challenges. For RYAILITI customers, the optimum value is derived from discovery and innovation that enhance and extend their capabilities. RYAILITI solutions enable new
and creative ways to explore and gain competitive advantages. And, of significance, the RYAILITI platform can ultimately lower costs while compressing timelines of drug discovery and development.

RYAILITI customers use both their internal data as well as various external data sources i.e., the CDC or NIH etc. These data sources often have multiple issues ranging from lack of consistency and integrity to deficiencies in standardization and the ability to integrate. This situation creates a compounded data diversity challenge. In short, it is not a ‘big data’ challenge but rather a ‘small, wide data’ challenge requiring exploration and discovery across a diverse data and process landscape.

In today’s world, BioPharma companies are dealing with risks and uncertainties that require timely and flexible responsesto a wide array of change drivers. These drivers include emerging science and regulations, as well as geopolitics and a variety of global trends. For RYAILITI customers, our platform provides improved problem analysis delivering an intrinsic high value outcome for them.
RYAILITI delivers rich, high-quality content with full traceability to reduce costs and save time while minimizing risks and errors enabling BioPharma researchers and analysts to make better decisions faster. RYAILITI is a leading-edge, scalable, Real-World Reasoning (RWR) platform, built for healthcare leaders to model dynamic Real-World Data (RWD) and generate Real-World Evidence (RWE).

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