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Founded in 2018, RYAILITI is spearheading the next generation of AI capabilities by introducing our game-changing Biomimetic Complexity & Causality technology. Our platform leverages innovative methods and principles that are unique in the technology landscape, helping to address real-world complexity and causality challenges along with the dynamics of change drivers. Our combination of platform development and approach have made RYAILITI’s Cognitive AI as a Service™ a market reality. Initially, RYAILTI focused on industries including music (2 patents pending) and healthcare (patent pending) and is now pursuing high demand opportunities within the energy industries.
Mission Statement

Delivering Knowledge Engineering to Navigate Change

Company Vision

RYAILITI brings game-changing biomimetic complexity and causality technology to enable and enhance continuous innovation. Our Knowledge Engineering Platform improves decision-making accuracy and speed, enabling strategic change navigation and optimizing business decision-making processes in what Gartner calls our “permanent crisis mode.”


If you are a cloud-based solutions architect or a biomimetics or AI software engineer and excited about what we are doing, please contact us.

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